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Structured Products

BMW AG TURBO 88 Short 18/04/2019

  • WKN JP743M
  • ISIN DE000JP743M3
BID 1.900 EUR
  • 22/03/2019
  • SIZE 7500
ASK 1.930 EUR
  • 22/03/2019
  • SIZE 7500
  • 11.76 %
  • 22/03/2019
The Underlying Indication of this product is based on: BMW AG
  • 22/03/2019

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  • BMW AG TURBO 88 Short 18/04/2019
  • BMW AG

The prices shown in the chart above are indicative only. The prices above may not be the prices at which investors can buy or sell the Product or the Underlying. Historical pricing is not a reliable indicator of future pricing and does not take into account potential third party costs, fees or charges. Historical pricing is not based on simulated or hypothetical data.

Product Description

BMW AG TURBO 88 Short 18/04/2019

A Turbo is designed to create Leverage on an underlying asset. In this case, Leverage means that a price movement in the underlying asset (the “underlyer”) will result in a proportionally greater movement (either positive or negative) in the price of the Turbo. For example: if a Turbo has a Leverage of 5x, and its underlying asset moves by 1%, the price of the  Turbo would be expected to change by 5%. This can be described as the “Leverage Effect”. The leverage effect can lead to significant gains or losses in a short time period. Leverage will change over time and can do so rapidly in response to changes in the price of the underlyer. An investment in a Turbo with a higher Leverage may lead to a higher percentage gain on the money invested. Conversely, such an investment can also lead to higher losses and an increased risk of triggering a Knock-out Event where the price reaches or passes a Knock-out Barrier.

In the case of rising underlyer prices, Long Turbos will rise in price, whilst Short Turbos will fall in price. In case of falling prices of the underlyer, the price of Long Turbos will fall and the price of Short Turbos will rise.

Turbos have a pre-defined end date on which their final valuation will be determined. This amount will be paid five business days after the final valuation.In case of a Knock-out event the product will end before its maturity: Should the underlyer price reach or pass a Knock-out Barrier, a Knock-out Event will occur.  In such an instance the product will terminate and the investor will lose all of their initial investment (only a de minimis amount will be received).

Your capital invested will always be at risk while holding the product.  Turbos are designed to be instruments for short term investing. 

For further information on the mechanics of Turbos, please refer to the Final Terms document together with the Base Prospectus.

Product Calendar

Next Event Last Trading Date 17.04.2019

Investing in products can be risky and you may lose a significant proportion, or all, of your capital invested. Please ensure that you read and understand the information contained in the Base Prospectus and the relevant Final Terms and the additional information on this website, particularly the section “Risks” of this website before making any decision to purchase any product.

*The Guarantor has guaranteed that if the Issuer does not pay any sum due or perform any other obligation in respect of a Product when such sum or performance is due, the Guarantor will pay that sum or perform that obligation.

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